Worldbuilding Challenge Day 1 - Elevator Pitch

If you only had 30 seconds to describe your world, what would you say?

So begins my worldbuilding challenge! I hope you enjoy this quick overview of my world of Eodia!

The World is broken. The cataclysmic event known as The Ending broke the old age of wonder, and killed the ancient alien rulers who's psychic abilities once powered technology that is now considered magic. The stars fell from the heavens and reside in the Void Sea, an ocean the color of black ink that covers the land. The few remaining bastions of humanity float on shattered islands above this sea of chaos, as horrible creatures known as Leviathans prowl the inky depths. With the recent discovery of lumose (a powerful energy crystal) humanity has once again began to communicate and trade through the use of Airships. It is a time of adventure, and treasure for the taking, for those brave enough to sail above the Void.  


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