Worldbuilding Challenge Day 10 - Feared Faction

Which faction in your world is feared and reviled?

By far the most feared faction in Eodia is the Red Spider, a criminal organization that controls the majority of illegal dealings in Eodia. The main HQ of the Red Spider is in the Dark City of Cuthold, and they have established satellite operations in almost every Citystate. Red Spider operatives can be recognized by the spider tattoo on their neck, an intuition ritual that symbolizes the complete control the Red Spider imposes on it’s members. The tattoo can be hard to spot, as the special ink used allows the wearer to make the tattoo invisible if needed. There are stranger stories tied to these markings, that they can turn into an actual spider to poison either the wearer or their victims, but this is attributed to rumors spread by the Red Spider to scare the common folk.

The current Webmaster of the Red Spider is Lucius. Not much is known about the man, if it is indeed a man at all, as he remains in the shadows of Cuthold and pulls the strings from behind the scenes. Scuttlebutt says that he is looking for an ancient Eodian artifact, something that could make the Dark City into a paradise of light. After all, every perfect garden has it’s serpent of deception.