Worldbuilding Challenge Day 12 - Iconic Monster

What is an iconic monster of your world?

If you have been an avid reader of my worldbuilding challenge so far you would likely think that I would dedicated the spot of an Iconic Monster to the Leviathans, the invincible behemoths who lie in wait in the Void Sea for unwary ships to destroy. I felt however that I covered the Leviathans in some detail in my post on the Biggest Secret of my world, and thus wanted to flesh out another monstrous creature for my collection. Here is one old air dog's tale of his encounter with a swarm of Kleg.

"The first Klegs you see start small, maybe just a few bugs that you can squish with your hand. But then, they starts getting larger, as the rest of the swarm comes in. You can almost feel the buzzing of their wings in the air. Before you know it you are facing down beasts the size of a good horse, their mandibles clicking with excitement as they tear you to shreds"