Worldbuilding Challenge Day 14 - Travel

How safe is it to travel in your world?

Travel usually correlates to the speed of communication and trade, how fast ideas and goods can spread across your world. When travel is easy, you can expect to find a more homogenized culture with the intermingling of people from different backgrounds and ethnicities. When travel is hard, there is likely to be a greater cultural divide, and the common folk are likely to be wary of outsiders. 

For Eodia I cheated this concept a bit, as the citystates were severely isolated for over a century (thus leading to extreme differences in culture), yet with the recent invention of airships there has been an explosion of interstate travel. It is a time of exploration and adventure, the best place to be for a party of privateers looking to make their mark on the world. 

"Is airship travel safe, Voids no of course it's not! There be all manner of beasts out there just waiting for a nice fleshy meal, not to mention pirates or dangerous raiders just waiting for a fresh behind the ears sop like yourself to walk their plank. So why do we do it? Because nothing is more glorious when you are out in the skies, the wind rushing past your face and filling your sails, hearing the call of the skywhales and traveling to exotic places the likes of which you have never seen. It may be dangerous aye, but it is also something you cannot escape once the skies call to you"