Worldbuilding Challenge Day 15 - Mystical Material

What mystical material is valued in your world?

A Lumose crystal is used to power the current technology of Eodia. A relatively recent discovery, Lumose can be found floating in the Void Sea, it's blue glow lighting up the dark waters surrounding it. The origins of the crystal are a mystery, although the scientists of Vence have theorized that the crystal is some sort of by-product of the chaotic energy flowing through the Void Sea. Collecting lumose is fraught with danger, as Leviathans also seem drawn to the crystals and will attack mining ships. Lumose mining is a delicate balancing act of collecting as much as possible before any potential Levithan encounters.  

Once collected the crystals are carved into the forms needed for their function, with different shapes powering different types of technology. Lumose is cold to the touch regardless of the temperate of its environment, and gives off a low hum when it's energy is extracted. Experts say the structure of a crystal doesn’t change the type of energy it emits, but the shape does affect the way things around it receive said energy. Form follow function, such as how a lumose crystal for an airships engines is carved into a cube, while a pistol has a hexagonal lumose. As lumose knowledge and crafting quality increases, more precise and powerful shapes are constantly being discovered.