Worldbuilding Challenge Day 17 - Cultures

What rare or interesting cultures live in your world?

The citystate of New Wind is considered the most 'exotic' culture in Eodia due to it's faraway location from the world stage. The people of New Wind are to the rare outsiders nothing but perfect hosts, polite and courteous. Hidden behind the veil is the everpresent Doragon Hausu, the game of Dragon Houses. This 'game' is the constant flux of power between the four Dragon Houses that rule New Wind, and royal 'gamekeepers' tally the complex scoring system to declare the current strongest houses.  

Every 4 years the two strongest houses will elect an emperor to be the political figurehead of state and to enact policies. The weaker two houses elect a 'shadow emperor' who pushes their agenda in backroom deals of the imperial court, and will be elected emperor should the premiere leader face an unfortunate 'accident'. Both emperors are to uphold the sacred integrity of the Doragon Hausu above all other loyalties, and breaking or cheating the game is punishable by exile to the certain death of the Lost City.