Worldbuilding Challenge Day 18 - Relics

What relics of the past shape the present?

The Swirling Maelstrom was created during the time of The Ending. This electromagnetic storm spread out from the center of Eodia, and remains a hazard for airmen to this day. The storm broke the usual lines of travel, and has made each citystate isolated from those on the other side of the storm. Any breakdown or upheaval in the ring of citystate surrounding the storm greatly hampers trade and communication for all. This is the case with the Lost City, the southeast citystate, which is now considered dangerous skies.  

The storm consists of three main rings, with a pocket of calm skies between the first two, and the capital city of Eodia inside the third and final ring. There have been fearless or reckless captain who have broken through the first ring of the storm, shaving precious time off an important journey or escaping pursuing enemies. If anyone has broken through the second or third ring they have either not lived to tell the tale or are keeping that extremely valuable information secret.