Worldbuilding Challenge Day 2 - World Name

What is the name of your world and why?

Middle Earth, The Forgotten Realms, Narnia, Azeroth, Elantris, Exandria, Hyrule, Westeros. What emotion do these names invoke in the mind of a reader? I think a good name tells a story simply in the name itself. Why is the world called what it is? What events or legends merited it's creation? All of this can be answered with the name of the world, for the name gives the story life and purpose. With that, let's dive into the meaning of Eodia.

The world of Eodia is named after the ancient capital city of Eodia. Legend holds that the City of Wonders descended from the heavens itself, sent from the stars to usher in a golden age of civilization. The city was ruled by the Caeruleans, elegant blue-skinned humanoids who were gifted with the power of Scyon. This psychic ability allowed the Caeruleans to power wonderous mechanisms and constructs. Travelers came from across the land to view the city, and to trade and learn among its spiraling towers. Eodia now lies deep in the Void Sea, where it's secrets await for those willing to brave the inky depths.