Worldbuilding Challenge Day 3 - Notorious Villain

Who is the most notorious Villain in your world?

A good villain tells you a lot about your world. What morals do the common folk hold, and who is considered an 'evil' person. While I have chosen what appears to be a stereotypical bad guy for my world, I would encourage you to look deeper than first appearances. If I told you that my 'villain' considers himself a defender of his people, the last of their kind, would that give you more insight into my world? While having a one-note BBEG (Big Bad Evil Guy) is totally fine to keep things simple, viewing the world through their eyes will make your world much more believable. The best villains are the ones who believe in their cause, and not just out to be EEEEVIL.    

The most notorious villain in Eodia is The Clockwork King, a dastardly Val (construct) pirate who raids the popular shipping lane between the citystates of Archion and Brava. The Clockwork King and his group of Val pirates have evaded capture numerous times, and plundered ships without care for flag or nationality of their unfortunate victims. All tremble at the sight of sails adorned with gears and mechanisms.