Worldbuilding Challenge Day 4 - Renowned Hero

Who is the greatest hero in your world known to the common folk?

You can't have a good villain without a good hero to foil their evil plans. When the night is dark and full of terrors, who do the people look to to save them from the enemies at their gates? Who inspires them to greatness? What qualities do the people of your world view as heroic? Are the paragons of honor and truth, or are they hiding ugly flaws from the public eye? They say you should never meet your heroes, but we must meet ours to weave an unforgettable story. 

Silvia Sinclare is the leader of the Lion Knights, the elite soldiers of Archion and personal defenders of King Mytor the Third. Silvia is considered by many the beacon of law and order throughout Eodia, and the tales of her bravery inspire many children (and some adults) to dream of a better world. Her twin Blades of Justice are vestiges of the old world, infused with an ancient power that allows them to cut through any material. Miscreants rue the day when they could be confronted with those swords, who's bolts of lightning reflect in the stoic eyes of their welder.