Worldbuilding Challenge Day 6 - Magic

Is there magic or special powers in your world?

The 'magic' of Scyon is a controversial subject to scholars. Was the psychic abilities of the Caeruleans magic, or some advanced form of technology brought with them from the stars? Whatever the origin, the Caeruleans were able to use this gift to power the ancient world. To use Scyon the individual would draw an Eon (ancient symbols of power) in the air with their finger. These Eons could also be inscribed on objects to give them power, an example being all Val constructs having the Eon Rao (spirit, essence) inscription.

While all of the Caeruleans are believed to have perished during The Ending, the abilities of Scyon have seemed to be transferred to a very limited number of humans. Known commonly as blue-touched (as they all have blue hands) these rare individuals are a powerful resource for any citystate, although they are often feared or hated by the common folk.