Worldbuilding Challenge Day 7 - Adventurers

How common are adventurers in your world?

Braum is a lumose artisan who lives in Tanta, and has been all around Eodia. Here is his take on Void Runners, a common type of adventurer in Eodia. 

"You want to be a Void Runner eh? Of course you do, every small child hears the stories of Void Runners, how they search for valuable lumose deposits floating in the Void Sea, with nothing but the underwater stars and their wits to guide them. How they fight all manner of pirates and horrible monsters, even encountering the great Leviathans themselves and living to tell the tale! Well I'm here to tell you to throw out all that hogwash and grow up a bit. You are nothing but another cog in the system. Your job is to find a lumose deposit, mark it's location for the mining ships, and get the Void out of there! Leave all the 'heroing' bit for some poor sod who won't live past next week. Now sign the liability waiver here."