Worldbuilding Challenge Day 9 - Cosmology

What is the Cosmology of your world?

I spoke a bit in yesterday's post about my world's cosmology, revealing that Eodia actually exists in a wormhole between two planes of existence. Let's talk a little about two practical effects of that in-between state.

One factor is gravity. You can consider the world to be as if in space, with the only gravity coming from the mass of large nearby objects. You may recall that there are 8 surviving citystates that are island of rock floating over the Void Sea below. These citystates provide gravity to their residents and are anchor points for the world. This lack of true gravity is what allows the airships to fly, and there are numerous floating waystations of small bits of rock between the citystates. There is an upper limit to the wormhole, as ships that try to fly too high find that there is a point where the pull from the Void Sea below creates too strong a barrier to pass.  

Another element is light. While the light from the destination star is the 'sun' to our world of Eodia, moving in and out of aliment providing a day night cycle, there is no moon or stars in the skies above. Instead the stars can be seen through the Void Sea below, pinpricks of light in a sea of blackness. Sailors are able to use the stars to guide the ships at night, although the occasional dark shadow of a Leviathan blocking out the stars has caused more than a few sailors to swear off sailing ever again.