Using Pinterest to find Fantasy Art

This came about when I was looking for a way to better organize the fantasy art I have collected over the years of DMing. I have tried various solutions before; Google Drive, iCloud Drive, Onedrive, Google Keep, Apple Photos, Google Photos, and more I probably can’t even think of.

I had come across an app called, which is essentially a smart bookmarking tool. The app is great, and I would highly recommend it for other applications, but during my research I decided to try out Pinterest one more time.

Now with Pinterest you create your boards, and then add your pins (bookmarks) to those. Pinterest has a wide variety of flaws; the main two being tons of ads and poor image quality if you upload a photo to it directly instead of linking from a third-party source. But the reason I had to use it over Raindrop was its recommendation tool.

Before this I had always just google image searched for the artwork I wanted, DnD town guard for example. But with Pinterest it now knows the style of art I like, and is shockingly good at recommending high quality content that is a similar style. I have a certain ‘look’ to my NPCs that I like, a kind of realistic painterly style, and I now get tons of new art in my feed that matches that style. With one click of a button it is added to my board, and off I go to the next image. I have created a variety of boards; NPCs, Battlemaps, City Maps, Creatures, and the like, and get personalized recommendations for each one of them.

Feel free to check out the boards I have made, and let me know what your favorite tool is to find art for your games.