Worldbuilding Challenge Day 23 - Valuables

What is valuable in your world?

I have already done a post on the value of Lumose, the blue crystals that provide energy to the technology of Eodia. For this post I thought I would hone in on an important valuable in the Bravan war effort; Iron. 

The Blackheart mountain range in Brava is rich in iron, and is a major source of wealth and power for the city. The Bravan Ships are often called “Ironsides” due to their iron plating, which has allowed their navy to be a force to be reckoned with. It is often said that one Bravan Ironside is worth 3 ships from anywhere else in the world during heated combat.

While the outfitting of non-military ships with iron reinforcements is strictly forbidden due to fears of it getting into Archion hands, the Backgate Shipyard is willing to forgo those “guidelines” if the price is right. Just don't let anyone from the People's Army catch you sailing a ship with these enhancements without the proper authorization.